Tuesday Tunes, Vol. 4

First of all, I have to apologize deeply for the radio silence (pun intended) on my music recommendations for the past two weeks! The last couple of weeks at my internship really kicked my butt and left me with very little time for writing blog posts. But I'm officially unemployed/unencumbered now, and I have a lot of cool music I've been saving for ya!

La Sera: Music For Listening To Music To

La Sera has previously been a bit of a "background music" band for me; music I had heard from them previously (mostly off their self-titled 2011 album) was pretty good and definitely listenable, but nothing I had to shout about to the world.

Well, now I'm shouting – I LOVE their new release, Music For Listening To Music To. The only reason I haven't been listening to it on repeat is because I know that that's a sure recipe for hating it later, which I refuse to do to myself this time. 

The band is led by Katy Goodman, of the Vivian Girls, and Todd Wisenbaker. Katy's voice is so, so beautiful, and the instruments are kind of like a flowery dream. Vaguely folksy, vaguely The Smiths, and vaguely indie-rock, this album embraces a sound that feels unique and nostalgic at the same time. It's just chill enough to be great for relaxing to, but upbeat enough that it's not quite sleepy or morose.

My favorites are probably "High Notes," "Begins to Rain," and "Take My Heart," but the whole album is a gem.

How can I listen to Music For Listening To Music To?


Official Website


You can also check out La Sera/Katy Goodman's Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram!

You might also check out Katy's new album with Greta Morgan, titled Take It, It's Yours. I haven't listened yet, but you can bet I will be soon!

Glass Animals: How To Be A Human Being

I'm a sucker for a good aesthetic, and I'll be damned if Glass Animals doesn't have an aesthetic. First of all, they've got it purely because of the vocalist, Dave Bayley. His smooth-talking could take you away all by itself. But Glass Animals also has a knack for the refreshing, experimental sound effects; you'll know what I mean if you've listened to any of their previous tracks such as "Gooey," "Psylla," or "Pools" – just the sound gives you the imagery of dripping honey, sped-up videos of flowers in growth or decay, shining glass, and finding valuable knick knacks in a deep forest.

I'm not sure exactly what they were going for on their newest album, but the vintage/pixel hybrid album art on both How To Be A Human Being and its single releases might give you an idea.

There's some pretty eclectic stuff on this album. Some of it is easy to listen to, but some of it isn't. It's not exactly background music or road trip music material – I'd say it's more, lying on your couch, listening to music on purpose material. But it's all interesting, and a lot of it is good.

My personal faves are "Life Itself," "Season 2 Episode 3" and "Poplar St."

How can I listen to How To Be A Human Being?


Official VEVO/YouTube

Official Website

Also check out their Twitter!

The Japanese House: Clean

To be quite upfront, unlike the previous two recommendations here, I know nothing about The Japanese House. I don't even remember how I found these songs. They just appeared one day, in the playlist of all the things I like. And, well, who am I to complain?

Clean is a mini album/EP, only four songs long, but four very good songs that form 15 very chill and relaxing minutes. I would say that these songs evoke taking a walk on a sunny day, a slowed down video of your kid and your dog playing in the sprinklers, a nostalgic memory of having a barbecue with the people you love, reading a letter in bed while some sunlight comes gently through the curtains. All very dreamy.

Is it obvious yet that I only know how to talk about music in terms of imagery?

How can I listen to Clean?


Official YouTube/VEVO


Also check out Pools To Bathe In, another 4-song EP by The Japanese House released before Clean.

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