#INKTOBER 2016; Week 1

For those who are unaware, every year artists around the world participate in Inktober, a project celebrating the tenth month of the year and the potential of ink to be a fun and creative medium. I've seen artists who use the most common ballpoint pens as their ink, felt tip and calligraphy pens, dip pens (my weapon of choice) ink with a brush, and even digital "inking" techniques using tablets. All are equally valid, and ideally, the artist will end up with 31 excellent ink drawings at the end of the month.

There are myriads of different prompt lists out there -- for example, this one by Jake Parker, the creator of the Inktober challenge, although I've seen others that include a different fantasy theme each day, a different type of witch each day, or a different Dungeons & Dragons magical item each day.

As for myself, I simply could not be held down by the limitations of a theme challenge. So there's a little bit of everything in here. 

That said, I did draw a few evil/spooky beasts this first week to get into the October spirit! I've also been watching a lot of D&D streams lately, so there's definitely some influence there.

October 1st

October 2nd

October 3rd

October 4th

October 5th

October 6th

October 7th