#INKTOBER 2016; Week 2

Here's the second round of #inktober drawings!

Although I noted that I wasn't doing any particular theme, last week's were all a bit spooky and monstrous (there's just so much fun drawing to be had in weird body parts and skeletons and animal features! -- don't you get bored of humans after a while?). 

This time around it's pretty eclectic. I do what I want!

October 8th

I've been playing a lot of Animal Crossing lately! My town is looking pretty cool these days. Currently, the struggle is that I have all the same villagers as I had when I started this town, and although I really want to mix it up, I don't want anyone to move away because I'm super attached to them all! None of them annoy me and I think they're all beautiful.

If you're nosy as hell and want to know, my villagers are: Miranda, Bunnie, Shari (these three pictured here!), Lolly, Punchy, Lobo, Mac, Eugene, and Grizzly. :)

October 9th

One of my life goals is to get better at drawing swords & learn sword anatomy. For now, this is how it is.

October 10th

Meet Cathrazira, one of my D&D player characters! She is a catfolk monk, with her race adapted to 5e for a campaign my group will be running in December/January. 

Cathrazira does not accept the nickname "Cat," though she does take great pride in her race, and as a monk she hopes to master the skills of dexterity, stealth, and grace both in combat and outside of it.

October 11th

I've been playing a lot of Nancy Drew games, which you can check out here. They're produced by game developer Her Interactive, and they are great for people who like mysteries, sleuthing, and puzzles.

Her Interactive states that their games are marketed towards people as young as 10 years old, but don't write it off as a "kids' game" – I haven't yet met a Nancy Drew game where I didn't have to look up at least one hint. They definitely give your brain a nice stretch. 

October 12th

Another Animal Crossing villager, this time a bit more realistic.

October 13th

Critical Role's Spire of Conflux!

October 14th

Just thinkin' about tiefling designs!